Corporate Social Responsibility

Nurture Dreams, Create the Future
Corporate Sustainability
Through our business, we continue to take on the challenge of “Nurture Dreams, Create the Future” as our corporate policy, targeting a wide range of people from children to adults around the world, while breaking down barriers of race, culture, and poverty. We aim to further enhance our corporate value.


We promote culture through our services and the works we are involved in, with the aim of providing peace of mind to the people around the world.


We provide commercial goods and comfort visit services free of charge to institutions, make donations to public organizations, and support child development.


From the perspective of eliminating industrial waste, we take such measures as reuse of materials, promotion of efficient operations, and reduce of CO2 emissions.


We strive for highly transparent management. Specifically, we focus on governance, compliance, risk management, and information security to promote service improvement.


Art, pop culture (subculture), and entertainment are the very essence of who we are. Now they have become an integral part of our lifestyle.

We strive to create works and contents that inspire people. We also promote planning, development, and production so that we can create as many items as possible that will be loved by fans for a long time in modern society.

In addition, we will actively provide opportunities and venues to work with young artists and creators in exhibitions and events, while we develop infrastructure, open production studios, and create funds for their development.

The role of contemporary art is becoming diversified as it is used more and more in our lifestyles and business situations.

Our philosophy is to fuse art with added value, and to create items that are rich in sensitivity and familiarity. We also promote a wide range of creative activities, providing high quality artworks with a long life.


We respond innovatively to the changing market and diverse needs of the times.

We develop global innovation by proposing unique products and services.


We present artists’ and creators’ works, while creating pop culture (subculture) products with creative ideas and ingenuity, and providing the world with works that offer a blend of entertainment and art.

In addition, we promote the creation of new value, establish a sustainable business, and strive to further enhance our corporate value.

Business Management

We comply with laws and regulations, and work to create products that are trusted by customers and society.

We also respond sincerely to customers’ complaints and problems, while maintaining the safety of our products.

We strive for sound management of organization, as well as educational guidance, and strictly enforce safety management in the workplace environment.

Social Contribution

We nurture the sensitivity and intelligence of people throughout the world with creating joy and inspiration. We also contribute to society’s enjoyment of happiness and peace of mind by giving dreams and hope to the people around the world.

Through our business, we make donations and hold charity events to promote pediatric care and welfare services. We also actively support the promotion of children’s culture, including education, arts, and sports.


As information becomes more diverse, we need to manage the increasing risks of dealing with malicious counterfeits, as well as dealers or anti- social forces who sell such fake works. We will never respond to any of these, and will implement blockchain technology whenever possible, while encouraging training and education for our staff.

In addition, from the perspective of protecting personal information, we take all possible measures for handling information on artists, creators, and purchasers. We make sure that every staff member is aware of the compliance, conducting regular training sessions for them.