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  • 2022年4月6日

    April, 6, 2022
    We have become a wholly owned subsidiary of Somei Holdings Inc.

  • 2021年10月22日

    October 22, 2021
    Our items have been selected for overseas private auctions(Feb. 2, 2022)

  • 2021年10月4日

    October 4, 2021
    The works of artists and creators have been posted.

  • 2021年10月1日

    October 1, 2021
    Our homepage has been renewed.

  • 2021年9月22日

    September 22, 2021
    Our items have been selected for overseas auctions (Dec. 10~12, 2021).

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business lines

  • Art

    • Gallery management, Production and sale of artworks, Book Publishing
    • Management support for Artists and creators
    • Merchandising
    • Plan/Organize/Coordinate exhibitions and events
    • Auction business
  • Entertainment

    • Contents service, Amusement production
    • Live events (Planning, organizing, and coordination), entertainment space, display, and live show
    • Management and Operation of Character business, Licensing business
    • Management of art agency/film studio
    • Production: Screenplay, scenario
  • Customer Services

    • Planning/development of corporate’s mascots, illustration, logo and design creation
    • Planning/Production of magazine, books, and picture story books
      (Juvenile books for intellectual education, PAPER CRAFT, 3D arts, trick arts, and etc.)
    • Planning and production of anime figures
    • Cosplay, Cartoon-character costume, Corporate mascot/Official mascot
    • Planning and Producing of 3D-Art(Three-dimensional modeling, 3D shaped billboards). Creating a sculpture

Artist & Creator Support System

Debut / Sales promotion / Sales channel expansion / Development Support for artists and creators

-Currently accepting applications from artists/creators
Somei Inc. supports debut, sales expansion, and product planning and development. We propose the product planning/development and expansion of sales channels to companies. We also promote the sales related to art works at various events. In that way, we totally support the debuts of young hopefuls, not only the currently active artists and creators. If you are Artist and Creator who Hope to debut, please fill out all required information in the inquiry form below.
Somei Inc. provides the maximum support for full exercise of capabilities and activity by all of applicants, regardless of any genre, Self-recommended/other-recommended, professional/amateur, Incumbent (hobbies/side jobs possible), age, students/housewife, where you live (work at home, remote location), disability, or nationality, etc. For your art works, please include the work outline, exhibition history, award-winning works (award history), and your specialty in your profile. For more information, the person in charge will contact you accordingly.

If you would like to apply, please fill out all required information in the inquiry form below.


Support Artist & Creator Works.

  • Miniature Dachshund


    Artist: YU

  • Goldfish

    Paper Cutting Art

    Artist: YU

  • Bicycle


    Artist: Tomo

  • Bike


    Artist: Tomo

  • The Gear


    Artist: Tomo

  • Small Life

    Acrylic Painting

    Artist: YU

  • Hopeful


    Artist: YU

  • Relaxation

    Oil painting

    Artist: YU

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